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Farm Equipment

Building some of your necessary farm equipment from DIY vintage plans can be a big saving moneywise as well as providing just the items you need on the farm. Most farms have a workshop where they can weld and make tools and equipment as a project, as well as repair broken items.

A post driver which also serves as a hydraulic earth tamper is a really useful item around the farm. You can not only drive posts with the hydraulic driver but can tamp down loose earth where necessary.

A post hole auger is equally useful and we have a vintage plan here for one which does a quick and perfect job when powered by your tractor. These two do it yourself plans are very worthwhile for making your own post driving equipment at a huge saving on these vintage projects.

Post driver

Post hole auger

If you need some sheds,poultry houses or other structures around the farm we have found a website where you can buy 12 thousand plans for a very reasonable price. take a look here: 12000 plans

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