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Clock Building

Building clocks is a great hobby with many adherents. You can build a wooden clock case in hardwood from DIY  vintage plans and install a purchased windup chiming movement. This makes a first class heirloom type hand built clock vintage project. Or you can go the less expensive route and use an electronic battery powered movement. These work very well, keep accurate time and make a nice clock. However the real clock enthusiast wants a spring or weight driven mechanical movement for his do it yourself vintage project.

 Wooden Clock

You also have the option to build,  from vintage plans, a completely wooden movement to power your clock (it will have a few small metal parts). This is a great way to build a fine reproduction antique clock. Wooden movements were popular up to the mid nineteenth century and old clocks with these hand made movements are valuable antiques now. Build your own wooden movement clock from these vintage plans. You can pass it down to future generations as a family heirloom. What a great DIY  vintage project.

Antique Wooden Movement Clock

At some time you may come across a nice antique clock which is no longer running. As a matter of fact this is the way to get a real deal on a valuable clock. People tend to value them very low when the do not run. Happily for those who know how to go about it many of them can be put back in working order quite simply by the do it yourself enthuiast. This vintage project shows you how to do just that.

Old Clock Repair  

More antique clock vintage plans will be published very soon. If you have any questions you can ask them in our blog.

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